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Natural Stone Candle Handmade

Natural & Handcrafted Candles

"To Make Luxury Handmade Candles Accessible"

Here at Dahil Bar, we specialize in luxury handcrafted candles.

Our candles and Curated candles are not only exquisite but are made with safe and natural materials.

Our candles and Curated candles are a safe and beautiful addition to any home decor and will help liven up any room in your house.

Our scents and Curated scents are delightful and harm-free. We also carry candle accessories and incense, such as Palo Santo, to make your experience stress-free.

Why Us?


Handmade: Each candle is individually hand-poured; slight differences, color variations, or air bubbles can be expected, but that makes them special and unique.


Women Owned: All of our products are handmade by women; Dahil Bar has proudly empowered women since 2021.


Unique: No candle is the same as the other; each has features and alterations typical of its craftsmanship and hand-poured.


Responsible: Our soy, coconut, and pillar wax are grown on American soil by American farmers.


Scents: The scents are uniquely crafted in France, Grasse, the homeland of perfume, for decades, which has been elected intangible cultural heritage of humanity for its expertise in the world of perfume.


Eco-Friendly: Soy is made from plants and is a renewable natural resource.

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