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15 Interesting Facts About Candles

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

In a world captivated by the brilliance of modern technology, the simple and timeless glow of a candle often goes unnoticed. Yet, these humble light sources hold a rich tapestry of history, culture, and science within them. Join us on a journey to explore the captivating realm of candles, where we will uncover the hidden stories behind their creation, the symbolism they bear, and the fascinating science that makes them come alive. From ancient rituals to modern décor, prepare to be enchanted by the illuminating 15 exciting facts that dance within the flicker of a candle's flame.

Facts About Candles: Beeswax Candles
  1. The first candle was made from Animal fat.

  2. The Romans came up with our modern concept of candles.

  3. Freezing your candle will not make it last longer.

  4. It would be best not to blow out your candle; use a snuffer or cover it with the lid.

  5. As candles were made from Animal fat or beeswax, they were used as food during the famine. Most modern candles' current ingredients are toxic and unsafe for consumption.

  6. Candles should be smoked when lit; if so, the wick is too long.

  7. Candlefish or Eulachon has a high-fat amount and can be used for candles.

  8. The tradition of using candles on cakes comes from Ancient Greece.

  9. Candles were used in the past as clocks to tell time.

  10. The world's tallest candle is 24.38 meters high and 38.7 with its base.

  11. Candles are used in many religious and cultural ceremonies all over the world.

  12. A candle maker is referred to as Chandler, from the French word Chandelier.

  13. Poland is the largest producer of Candles in Europe.

  14. The word "candle" comes from the Middle English candle, from Old English, and from the Anglo-Norman candle, both from Latin candēla, from candēre, to shine.

  15. The oldest candle manufacturers still in existence are Rathbornes Candles, founded in Dublin in 1488.

Facts About Candles: Candles on a cake

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