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How to know the Perfect Scent for You!

Finding the perfect scent for you is a deeply personal experience. It is one of those rare experiences that can’t seldom be shared with others, not saying that it is not. Finding a scent with a friend, family member, significant other, or anyone special in your life is also a great bonding moment and one that is fun.

The personal scent has to resonate with you, who you are, and your mood that day. This scent has to make you feel something as soon as you smell it. Does it smell good to you? Does it attract you? Or does is the scent too strong for you? If the scent causes you to be uncomfortable by just sniffing it, then you might not like it when you light it. This is okay. You should never feel pressured to buy a candle that would not please you. Keep in mind also, the scent for you might not be the same for others, but this is what makes it personal. There are many scents that come with candles, various combinations, or single basic scents for those who prefer a simpler odor.

But, you do not have to be locked into one specific scent; there are many scents that will delight you and make you feel at ease. These can be for different reasons, stress relief, wanting to give your home a pleasant odor. Expanding our horizons is part of what allows us to grow, new experiences; there are always new scents, as they are ever always evolving. Step out the box, and experience the variety the world of candles has to offer.

In final, choosing a candle that will bring you joy is an exciting experience, one that should be done with patience, analyzing your options, and allowing yourself to keep an open mind, even if you feel like picking a scent you’re familiar with, it is never a bad thing to pick another one and try it out. Who knows! You might find a new scent you are in love with.

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