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How to Safely Burn Candles

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Safely burn candles: hearty bubble on a white tray

Candles are a beautiful addition to our home. They serve as decorations to light up the room to fill your home with a pleasant scent. However, even though they are safe regarding the material used to make them, they are still a fire hazard.

Burning candles is a safe activity when the proper precautions are followed. These are simple and often minor adjustments that can prevent damage to your home and furniture and keep you safe.

One important thing to consider is candle placement. What is around the candle? Are there curtains? Paper or any other item that might catch on fire quickly. Being conscious of what surrounds your candle will prevent accidental fire and keep you safe from harm.

Safely burn candles: hearty bubble on a pink tray

Another reminder is, Does the candle have a base? Is it on a tray? Or directly on a table or kitchen counter? This mainly applies to candles that do not come with a base or are not in glass. These candles will usually burn, and the wax will drip down; as it spreads, it will attach itself to a surface. Removing wax can be a painstaking process that can result in irreparable damage. This is why it is essential to use a tray; if a tray is unavailable, any flat base that can be used as a buffer will do the job.

We must understand how to burn candles safely. They are a great addition to any home but, if not correctly handled, can take away from the stress-free experience of burning a candle. And always remember to turn off the candles when leaving home!

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