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List of candle scents that can be harmful to your dogs.

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

candle scents that can be harmful to your dogs: a women kissing a dog

Some candles can be harmful to our furry friends and us as well. Certain scents might be pleasant and safe for us but have shown to be the most dangerous to dogs; I have compiled a list created by the VCA Ark Animal Hospital as the most harmful scents to dogs.

  • Wintergreen

  • Tea tree

  • Peppermint

  • Pine

  • Sweet

  • Birch

  • Cinnamon

  • Citrus essential oils are some of the most harmful

One last thing to remember, some essential oils have been known to cause liver and nervous system damage in canines, not to mention they can irritate the mouth and throat. We genuinely hope that this list helps you and guides you on the right path to choosing a candle that is safe for you and your furry friend.

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