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Scented Candles to Help us Relax

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Scented Candles to Help us Relax: Women meditating with candles

Mental health is one of the issues affecting many people nowadays. We face the realities of the world, stress, and any form of negative stimuli that wreak havoc on our mental health. In our search for a fix to our problems, we turn to therapy, medicine, and meditation techniques, amongst others, to help us relax.

Candles are not only essential to the world in terms of practical objects and their ritualistic uses. Candles play a role in mental health; scented candles can serve as a tool to put the mind at ease. The pleasant scent of vanilla might remind you of sweets and desserts, and minty aromas can help open up your airways, allowing you to breathe better; this will help with the flow of oxygen to your brain and help you relax.

Scented Candles to Help us Relax:  Women smelling a candle

Scent and memory are connected; these different scents might remind you of a time when you were joyful. It will remind you of a loved one; whether next to you or miles away, their memory might spark joy.

Mental health is not to be ignored, and we must find a way of handling it. This can be in music, activities, or simply burning a candle in your home.

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