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  • What is the recommended method for maintaining the cotton wick, and what tool is suggested for this purpose?
    Cut the cotton wick constantly; we recommend using a trimmer.
  • How should one go about cleaning our candles, and what is the recommended method for maintaining their appearance?
    To clean our candles, you can use a damp cloth and gently rub it.
  • How long is the recommended burn time for these candles, and what is the maximum duration they should be lit before extinguishing?
    These candles are not meant to burn for an extended time. Do not burn them for more than 30 min.
  • Why is it important to avoid moving a candle that is currently lit, and what risks are associated with doing so?
    Do not move the lit candle to avoid hot wax on surfaces or burning. Be careful with hot wax after it goes out; we recommend using a snuffer.
  • Why should you avoid burning the candle with a long wick, and what is the potential consequence of doing so?
    Refrain from burning the candle with a long wick because it will cause the candle to burn faster.
  • What safety precaution should be taken regarding the placement of the candle, and who should be kept away from it?
    Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always place the candle on a concrete tray with a solid, stable surface resistant to heat.
  • What are the recommended uses for the candle, and what important safety guideline should you keep in mind?
    Light up the candle to meditate and appreciate the beauty of the spark. Do not leave it unattended.
  • What are some of the recommended scenarios or activities for which these beautiful candles are intended to be lit?
    These beautiful candles are designed to be lit up when meditating, bathing, or doing something you love.
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