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2 Ideas on How to Decorate for Halloween

Updated: Feb 6

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. We dress up as our favorite characters, eat as much candy as possible, and then eat some more the next day! But one of the most enjoyable Halloween activities is decorating and going to the store, buying spooky decorations, then setting them up around the house. Spider webs, spiders, and ghosts adorn houses during this holiday and entice trick-or-treaters. But! There is one item that is always present! Yes! Candles!! You guessed it.

Candles are the perfect Halloween decoration; not only does it have a pleasant aroma, but their flames will give your home a dimly lit appearance and cast random shadows in the true Halloween spirit. Our candles, La Catrina and our Skull Snake candle are a perfect addition to any setup.

La Catrina, with its beautiful rose detail, goes excellent with a mixture of black and red roses, and this candle will provide random shadows as the light hits the roses.

Our Skull Snake candle pairs perfectly with spider webs, spiders, bats, and other spooky decorations. This deliciously scented skull, with its snakes slithering through its eyes, will be sure to make the hairs in your arm stand up. And! To add a little extra touch, you can combine both these candles and tie the whole room together.

Halloween is an exciting holiday. It brings everyone together and gives us a chance to decorate our homes, making it a fun family activity and showing our spirit on this day. Make sure to eat lots of candy, and save those for those scary characters who may come knocking!

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